13 'The OC' Quotes To Motivate You On A Lazy Day

When it comes to shows that ruled our television landscape in the mid-aughts, nothing beats The O.C. Seth Cohen, Ryan Atwood, Marissa Cooper, and Summer Roberts had a monopoly over teenage melodrama. But did you know that they were also undercover motivational speakers? Maybe not at the level of, like, Tony Robbins, but still. Pretty revolutionary. These four (and sometimes other ancillary members of the cast) had a lot of insight to give, and all we had to do was listen. If you weren't paying attention at the time, that's no problem. You can look back at some quotes from The O.C. to give you motivation on even your laziest of days.

Whether they come courtesy of the brilliant Seth Cohen or the misunderstood Marissa Cooper, the hardened Ryan Atwood or the affable Summer Roberts, all of these sayings are equally helpful for different life scenarios. Used one by one, or all together, they'll have you feeling all kinds of inspired. In other words, this mix of O.C. quotes is a surefire way to give you the extra dose of encouragement you're looking for. Plus, it will remind you how of wonderful a show this was. I guess you could say it's a win-win.

1. "You Gonna Be All Right? Of Course, We Got Bagels."

Said by: Seth Cohen

If carbs can't get you out of bed in the morning than neither I nor the great bagel aficionado Seth Cohen can help you.

2. "It's Fate. It's Destiny. We Both Like Burritos"

Said by: Seth Cohen

Seth — otherwise known as "relationship expert" — reminds you to pursue your love and life interests. As long as you share one tiny thing in common.

3. "But With The Added Stress Of Work And Deadlines, Things Can Get Sexy."

Said by: Seth Cohen

Way to put a positive spin on the things that are giving you paralyzing panic attacks.

4. "Who Are You?" "Whoever You Want Me To Be."

Said by: Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood

It's a new day. You can be who and whatever you want to be. If you set your mind to it. Or move from Chino to Orange County.

5. "How Can You Live Like This? Your T-Shirts Are Touching Your Sweaters."

Said by: Summer Roberts

For when you need to get in control of organizing your closet, room, home, and probably life.

6. "Do You Ever Wonder What Your Life Looks Like Through Someone Else's Eyes?"

Said by: Marissa Cooper

No? Yes? If you answered "no," then stay in bed. But, if you answered "yes," then go out there and live your life.

7. "I'm Gonna Go Make Magic Happen. I Feel Like My Hair Is Really Working For Me Tonight."

Said by: Seth Cohen

Let your coif give you incentive.

8. "I'm Proud Of What I Did And I'd Do It Again."

Said by: Marissa Cooper

So Marissa's definitely referring to that one time she shot someone, but this can be applied to a lot of legal things too. The lesson to take: Be proud of the things you accomplish, and know that you can accomplish them again.

9. "I'm Emotionally Stable."

Said by: Marissa Cooper

If you say it enough times, it becomes true... ish. (Alright, maybe not for Marissa. But for you. Anything's possible.)

10. "So With The Right Attitude And A Couple Cocktails, It Could Be Fun."

Said by: Seth Cohen

For when you are having social anxiety and need a little push.

11. "Here In America, We Hide Our Feelings."

Said by: Summer Roberts

If you're having a hard day, it's fine to put negative thoughts away for a second. Though hiding feelings forever probably isn't the best coping mechanism, if it helps you get out of bed, then hey. More power to you.

12. "I Really Do Want Something Different Than This."

Said by: Marissa Cooper

Repeat this in the morning. Make it your mantra.

13. "Welcome To The O.C., B*tch. This Is How It’s Done In Orange County."

Said by: Luke Ward

Verbatim, this only applies to you if you live in Orange County. However, the locations are interchangeable. For instance "Welcome to NY, b*tch. This is how it's done in New York" still totally works.

See? Don't you feel more excited and incentivized? Thought so.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (13)