Kylie Jenner's Throwback Christmas Photo Will Make You Super Nostalgic For Your Own Childhood

There's something about the magic of the holiday season that just makes you feel like a kid again. Maybe it's the tradition, the time spent with family, the magic of believing in Santa and miracles... whatever it is, the whole thing makes you feel like you just downed a warm mug of hot chocolate and put on your favorite fuzzy slippers. In fact, Kylie Jenner's Christmas throwback kinda gives you a similar feeling — even though it wasn't even your own childhood.

Jenner, who is certainly a fan of throwing it back to her childhood on Instagram, shared a vintage photo from Christmas 2000 (yes, 2000), in which baby versions of her and Kendall sit on Santa's lap. The whole thing is super sweet and innocent, and it's reminiscent of a time before Snapchat selfies and Lip Kits took over the Kardashian brand. Back then, the Jenner sisters were just two little kids excited about Christmas and pumped to meet Santa. They may have had stars in their eyes, but it probably wasn't for crazy success and fame and fortune — it was probably for things like puppies and candy and stocking stuffers.

It's not a stretch to look at Jenner's photo and get nostalgic for your own childhood. After all, there's just something about the actual photograph (is that a Polaroid shot?) and the quality of the photo that just makes you remember holidays from your own youth. Plus, even seeing a photo of the Jenners this young probably makes you think of those early seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (which first aired in 2007) — granted, seven years after the Christmas photo was taken, but still a time when the girls were just kids.

Thanks, Kylie Jenner, for throwing it back to the fetus days — and making everyone nostalgic for their own Christmases past. Happy holidays!