See Everything Is Kim K's Holiday Kiimoji Line

Kim Kardashian might not be back on social media yet, but her holiday merch is here. The reality star added a whole lot of items to her website to make your season a little more trendy. OK, a lot more trendy. What's in the latest Kimoji merch collection, you ask? There's something for everyone, but don't expect your typical holiday items.

What happens when Kardashian combines her love for fashion and social media? Kimoji merch, that's what. This time around, she's stocked up the site with more items than ever. I'm talking everything from NSFW slippers to sweatshirts. Heck, there's even holiday paper to wrap all of your favorites in. Honestly, if you're thinking of it, it's probably in the Kimoji store.

There are even some non-fashion items as well. Kardashian created iPhone cases, air fresheners, and even nail decals. Just because it's a holiday collection doesn't mean that it's got your traditional colors or festive icons though. Kardashian kept her signature Kimoji feel with these items.

All of the items range from $6 to $65 and are all available to shop right now on Kardashian's website. As of now, the only item sold out are the Biker Shorts. The only downside is that there's no information given on when your purchase will ship. Here's every single item in the collection, so you can know exactly what you want when you head to the shop.

1. Savage Bra

Kimoji Savage Bra, $36,

Because everyone needs a social media themed sports bra, right?

2. Matching Underwear

Kimoji Savage Underwear, $30,

And of course matching underwear. Both of which also come in red and white.

3. Makeup Bag

Kimoji Variety Makeup Bag, $25,

You can now store all of your merch in a trendy little bag.

4. FML Slides

Kimoji FML Fur Slides, $60,

Your shoes will say it all.

5. Zero Fs Slides

Kimoji Zero F*cks Fur Slides, $60,

There's a NSFW version as well.

6. Wifey Slides

Kimoji Wifey Fur Slides, $60,

The more options, the better.

7. Middle Finger Crewneck

Kimoji Middle Finger Mood Crew Sweatshirt, $60,

She's not holding anything back with this collection.

8. Stripper Sweatshirt

Kimoji Stripper Staff Crew, $60,

You might not want to wear this one around the dinner table.

9. Middle Finger Tee

Kimoji Middle Finger Mood Tshirt, $30,

Express yourself even when the weather is warmer.

10. Stripper Tshirt

Kimoji Stripper Staff Shirt, $30,

The other designs available as well.

11. Non-Fur Savage Slides

Kimoji Savage Slides, $40,

The furless style will save you some money.

12. Turbo Thot Slides

Kimoji Turbo Thot Slides, $30,

Stomp it out.

13. Non-Fur Wifey Slides

Kimoji Wifey Slides, $30,

You can have the saying in both fur and regular.

14. Rainbow Socks

Kimoji Rainbow Heart Socks, $9,

This is the first time Kardashian has created socks.

15. Pizza Heart Socks

Kimoji Pizza Heart Socks, $9,

Can't decide if you love Kimoji or pizza more? No worries!

16. Broken Heart Socks

Kimoji Red Heart Socks, $9,

You can purchase the broken heart design in both red and black.

17. Wrapping Paper

Kimoji Variety Wrapping Paper, $25,

Wrap all your goodies up with Kimojis as well.

18. Zero Fs Patch

Kimoji Zero F*cks Patch, $6,

Wear your mood right on your sleeve.

19. Pizza Patch

Kimoji Pizza Heart Patch, $6,

Does it get any more adorable than this?

20. Middle Finger Patch

Kimoji Middle Finger Patch, $6,

Ring included.

21. Butt Patch

Kimoji Butt Patch, $6,

You can even wear Kardashian's butt.

22. Nail Art

Kimoji Nail Stickers, $8,

This is some of the more wearable items in the collection.

23. Butt Charger

Kimoji Butt Portable Charger, $40,

I have no words.

24. Savage Case

Kimoji Savage Case, $40,

Not your typical iPhone case.

25. Bodysuit Case

Kimoji Bodysuit Molded iPhone Case, $40,

This one's not for everyone, but it's definitely trendy.

26. Heart Choker

Kimoji Black Heart Choker, $35,

She's had her fair share of other chokers, but this one is brand new.

27. L.A. Choker

Kimoji LA Choker, $35,

There's even something for the West-Coasters as well.

28. Cry Face Freshener

Kimoji Cry Face Freshener, $8,

Freshen up your car in the most Kardashian way possible.

29. Butt Freshener

Kimoji Butt Freshener, $8,

This one doesn't make the most sense to me, but oh well.

30. Middle Finer Freshener

Middle Finger Freshener, $8,

To match your shirt and jacket patch, of course.

31. Peach Freshener

Kimoji PEach Freshener, $8,

The peaches are back, my friends.

32. Flame Freshener

Kimoji Flame Freshener, $8,

There's even a brand new Kimoji added in.

33. Lit Earrings

Kimoji Lit Earrings, $25,

She even has trendy earrings to go with your outfit.

34. Peach Earrings

Kimoji Peach Earrings, $25,

You can mix and match the accessories or wear just the peaches. Your choice.

35. Lit Hat

Kimoji Lit Hat, $35,

Available in white or black.

36. Flame Hat

Kimoji Flame Hat, $35,

The flame is a first for the hat.

37. Peach Hat

Kimoji Peach Hat, $35,

The black is already sold out, but white is up for grabs.

38. Teddy Bear Pin

Kimoji Teddy Bear Pin, $8,

This one is way more PG.

39. Rubber Duck Pin

Kimoji Rubber Duck Pin, $8,

As is this one.

40. Wave Pin

Kimoji Wave Pin, $8,

There's even a Kardashian classic in the mix with the new.

41. WTF Pin

Kimoji WTF Pin, $8,

And a NSFW one as well.

42. Savage Crewneck

Kimoji Savage Crew, $60,

This one is for all the minimalists out there.

43. Crying Face Crewneck

Kimoji Cry Face Crew Neck, $60,

This one's almost sold out, so you better shop fast.

I'd head over there as soon as possibly if you want a shot at purchasing your favorites!

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