How Much Are The New ColourPop x Hello Kitty Products? Get Excited, Fans

It's official. ColourPop loves their fans and listened to their wishes. The ColourPop x Hello Kitty collection has officially expanded, and it's available on the brand's website just in time for Christmas. While other expansions or releases from other brands may have fans concerned about pricing, that's never a concern with ColourPop. The brand knows how to keep quality great, products fresh and creative, and prices low. How can someone not love the brand — especially when they team up with such an iconic and adorable character as Hello Kitty?

While there has already been one ColourPop x Hello Kitty launch, the brand released two new shades, a new mini kit, and a previously kit-only shade as a single on Friday. As for the prices? If you're already a fan of ColourPop, they won't surprise you. If you're new to the brand and checking it out because of the Hello Kitty hype, get ready to be stoked.

According to the ColourPop website, each new liquid lipstick single is only $6 while the set of four lipstick minis is only $18. Basically, you can't go wrong no matter what you purchase from the Hello Kitty expansion. All the shades are stunning, and the prices absolutely can't be beat.

Friday's launch wasn't the only big news though. The entire Hello Kitty collection restocked over at the brand's site including the super popular highlighter School is Fun. If you've been searching for a great glow, this may just be your chance. Plus, it's a personal favorite of marketing manager Sharon Pak.

School Is Fun isn't the only standout, though. Pak and fellow marketing manager Jordyn Wynn — who are the faces of ColourPop's Snapchat — have several favorites that they shared with Bustle. From Pak's love of highlight to Wynn's love of the Ultra Satin Lip Lock Diary, there's something for everyone in the collection, and it's affordable.

If you're looking for a last minute stocking stuffer or just a way to treat yourself, the new, expanded ColourPop x Hello Kitty Collection may just be a best bet. Head over to the site to shop now, and place your order soon.

Images: ColourPop Cosmetics/Instagram