Octavia Spencer Meets President Obama & Deserves An Oscar For Her Reaction — PHOTO

The woman can emote. Star of the forthcoming Hidden Figures, Oscar winner, and all around wonder woman Octavia Spencer had an award-worthy reaction to meeting the president of these United States. First Lady Michelle Obama held a special screening of Hidden Figuresthe film about three black women mathematicians and engineers at NASA in the 1960s who helped the U.S. get to space — at the White House on Thursday, and Barack Obama stopped by for a surprise visit to the cast and guests.

The moment of Spencer's surprise was captured by a White House photographer and posted on the White House Instagram feed, with the caption, "That face when the President drops by for a visit." Spencer reposted it with a caption much more appropriately suited to her overwhelming elation and surprise: "Our screening was with #FLOTUS but #POTUS surprised us. Humbling bc he has a million things to do but stopped by to say hello!!!!"

Four exclamation points is exactly the right amount to convey the look on her face. Barry was probably a little starstruck too, let's be real, the cast of Hidden Figures is amazing.

I also love Taraji P. Henson looking on lovingly. She's so excited that Spencer is excited!

The screening, held on Thursday, counted among its guests the stars of the film: Spencer, Henson, Janelle Monáe, and Kevin Costner along with Pharell Williams, who composed the score to the film working with Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch and also served as a producer. Michelle Obama gave a speech following the screening of the film, which she called "remarkable and important," and talked about the importance of girls' education. She commended the strength of the three heroes: Katherine Johnson (Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Spencer), and Mary Jackson (Monáe), who, among other enormous obstacles, couldn't use the same water fountains as their colleagues at NASA. In her speech, FLOTUS said the lesson to be learned was crucial:

"They didn’t listen to those doubters. They did not listen to the haters — because they’re always out there. They’re out there even today.

They listened to their families and their friends who said, ‘you are worthy,’ and they told them, ‘don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are less-than.’ … And each of these women decided to believe in herself and step up when her country needed her. And more than anything else, that is the great American story that is told in this film. That’s why this film is so important."

So, no need to be shocked Miss Octavia Spencer, because the Obamas think you're amazing.