15 '90s GIFs That Say "Me In The Winter"

by Megan Grant

Winter gives us so many reasons to celebrate: The holidays, that bonus at work, and the excitement of starting the new year fresh, for instance. On the other hand, the frigid temperatures and short days also bring out the monster in me. Good or bad, the season is special for its own reasons, perfectly summed up by these 15 '90s winter GIFs. Or perhaps more accurately, '90s GIFs that will make you say, "Me in the winter." Because we're all in this together, right?

Of course, I now happily reside is sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, where winters aren't much to talk about. Sure, the temperatures drop — but nothing, absolutely nothing, comes close to winters in the Midwest, where I spent the first 23 years of my life. In the '90s, elementary school would be canceled because it was too cold to go outside. Three feet of snow meant you didn't even bother trying to drive anywhere (but you did tackle some serious hills in your snow tube). Luckily, reruns of Hey Arnold!, freshly baked Pizza Rolls, and a toasty fire saved us more than once.

For better or for worse, the winter season is unforgettable. And regardless of where you live, I'm guessing you can relate to at least one of these '90s GIFs.

Me When I Get Into The Bed With Cold Sheets

I am literally wrapped in a blanket of cold. Please send help.

Me When I Have To Keep Reheating My Soup

It never stays hot long enough. You might as well live in the microwave.

Me When It Snows But It's Not Cold Enough To Stick

What's the point? The weather is such a tease.

Me When The Days Start Getting Shorter

Why is it dark when I wake up? Why is it dark when I eat dinner? What is this sorcery?

Me When I Get My End-Of-The-Year Bonus

I am the richest woman alive.

Me When The Sidewalk Is Covered In Ice

Nobody. Move.

Me Trying To Get My Shopping Done

People. People, everywhere.

Me When I Have To Scrape All The Windows Of My Car

Why do you hate me, universe?

Me When My Nose Won't Stop Running

I don't know what I did to deserve this.

Me When I Go Outside With Wet Hair

My soul is cold.

Me When The Heater Stops Working

This is it. This is how it ends.

Me Finding Bananas Online Holiday And Post-Holiday Discounts

Don't be jealous. This took years of commitment to carelessly spending my money.

Me When The Car Door Is Frozen Shut

Guess I'm not going to work then. Darn.

Me When My Favorite Coffee Shop Starts Serving Its Seasonal Beverages

If anyone needs me, I'll be swimming in coffee.

Me When I Can't Find A Close Enough Parking Spot

I can't believe I'm expected to walk anywhere in this weather.

Images: 20th Century Fox; Giphy (15)