How Much Is Winky Lux Unicorn Tears Lip Gloss? The Holographic Lippy Is Pretty Affordable

If you've been loving the recent unicorn trend — from frosty lipsticks to rainbow hairstyles — then you'll love the new lilac-tinted gloss from Winky Lux. But how much is the Winky Lux Unicorn Tears lip gloss?

Winky Lux is part of the long list of makeup brands that have started to dabble in holographic makeup, joining the ranks among products like Jeffree Star's Lavender Frost, Milk Makeups Holographic Highlighter, and Lip Switch Set of Five Gloss Set (that make your lips look like they're under a heat-sensing radar.) From intense to subtle, there seems to be a huge makeup selection to choose from when it comes to bringing an ethereal sparkle to your morning routine. And Winky Lux just threw their hat into the ring.

And with a product name like "Unicorn Tears," you can bet it'll be whimsical. In the tube, it looks like a frosty purple with a gold shimmer, but it swipes on clear with a heavy dose of light-catching glitter. "The shimmery amethyst looks opaque in the tube, but it's actually crystal clear. When swiped onto a bare mouth, the gloss lends a gorgeous glittery lilac shift when it hits the light," Allure reported.

Unicorn Tears, $15, Winky Lux

Not only that, but the gloss is made with healig ingredients that will be life savors during these harsh winter months. It's infused with Vitamin E to moisturize and heal lips, as well as vanilla to make the gloss tasty enough to lick. And the seemingly Lisa Frank inspired tube can be yours for just 15 dollars, and buyable at a Forever 21 near you. You can snag up the product at the makeup section of the store, along with other picks from Winky Lux, including matte lipsticks that come in different shades of brown and wine red, illuminator compacts, and gold liquid eyeliners.

And if you don't feel like waiting in line or battling your way through the mall, you can also pick up the tube from for the same price. If you want to add a magical touch to your holiday looks this season, then the Unicorn Tears gloss just might be for you.

Images: Winky Lux