Goodbye, 'Grey's Anatomy' Doc Cristina Yang: A Look Back at Sandra Oh's 10 Best Moments

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By now, long-time fans of Grey's Anatomy have gotten used to the show's revolving door of cast members. Over the course of ten seasons, dozens of doctors have left Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloan Memorial, with some of the losses (George! Lexie!) hurting more than others (Burke... for now). Yet when the news broke that Sandra Oh was leaving Grey's after this season, even the most prepared fans were shocked. Cristina Yang has been an integral part of the series ever since it began, and even now, months after the announcement, picturing a Grey's without her is impossible.

With only a few episodes to go until the finale, however, it's time we got used to the idea of a Cristina-less Grey's, no matter how sad it makes us. The show can (and will) go on without her, even if it'll be without Oh's dry wit and lovable coldness. Before we're forced to say goodbye, though, let's look back on the 10 most memorable Cristina moments of the series.

Image: ABC

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