How To Get A Free Vixen Lip Kit Because Kylie Cosmetics Can't Stop Giving This Season

Can't stop, won't stop. Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2016 generosity keeps on keepin' on. The brand has been offering tons of holiday treats and surprises to its loyal customers, from free shipping to free plush Kylie Cosmetics stockings to free Merry Lip Kits, because red lips rule the holidays and beyond. Now, Kylie Cosmetics is giving away Vixen Lip Kits. Go ahead and shake and cry and wave your hands with excitement. Vixen is one of the brand's limited edition holiday hues and it's a "blackened, vampy plum" that's infused with diamond powder, per the brand's description.

Two carefully applied swipes and BOOM! You've got a dramatic, glamorous lip look. How can you get the Vixen Lip Kit for free?

The Vixen Lip Kit is being offered as a free gift with purchase, while supplies last. All you have to do is head over to the Kylie Cosmetics site, order anything from the Holiday 2016 collection or the regular, permanent repertoire, and you should receive a free Vixen Lip Kit. It's really that easy.

Let's hope the free Vixens haven't run out by the time you go shopping! That's a distinct possibility with this and any Kylie Cosmetics promo. If a Vixen isn't automatically added to your cart, the free supply could already be exhausted. But don't give up.

If you don't usually rock dark lip colors, this would be the perfect way to try one, since there's no commitment and it's a free gift. If you love it, you win and can rock it well beyond the holidays. If you don't, well, repurpose it with a friend. If there are no freebies left, why not nab a Vixen anyway? Life is short so live a little!

Vixen is a complete and total vamp.

Vixen is also a little softer and slightly less deep 'n' dark than Kourt K, which is the other gothy shade in the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit lineup.

Here is a screen grab of the Vixen promo on the Kylie Cosmetics site. Regardless of a freebie, lots of awesome limited edition, silver-packaged, and full-price products remain available for the last #ByeMoney hurrah of the holiday season.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics (3)