Nate Berkus Came To Bustle To Talk Home Design Trends Of 2016 & His New TLC Show

If you're considering any major design changes in your living space for the new year, then you've come to the right place. Celebrity interior designer Nate Berkus talked about major 2016 design trends with Bustle, giving each of them his official "Yay" or "Nay" and explaining all the different options and alternatives designers at home can pursue to stay within their taste and within their budget. He also shared details about his new show Married to Design: Nate and Jeremiah, which will air on TLC and feature both Nate and his husband Jeremiah Brent, a fellow prominent designer, as well as their daughter Poppy.

And for anyone who needs a little inspo for their New Year's resolutions, Berkus has plenty of advice. As a former smoker who successfully kicked the habit, he is partnering with Nicorette and NicoDerm CQ this holiday season to inspire others to do the same. The "Smoke-Free Room Refresh Contest" will allow smokers who want to quit to submit a photo of the room they'd like to refresh to help with their efforts to kick it, as well as an explanation of what they'd like to change and why they're quitting. The contest emphasizes the importance of space and design as it affects the psychology of a room, particularly when it comes to conditioned habits like smoking — it really does pay off to make a change for the better, both in yourself and the space that surrounds you.

Check out Bustle's interview with Berkus below, where we talk 2016 trends, New Year's resolutions, and, of course, unicorn tears.

Images: Lauren Betesh/Bustle