Jennifer Lopez’s TV Channel Battled Puff Daddy’s TV Channel & Only One Came Out On Top

Jennifer Lopez is involved in all sorts of things that I was unaware of. Here I am thinking she's just living a quiet life being a judge on American Idol and a massively popular singer, but she's got all kinds of business ventures going on. First I find out that she's the executive producer of The Fosters and now it's been reported that Jennifer Lopez's television channel NUVOtv has acquired Fuse. Did you even know that Jennifer Lopez has a television channel? She's the Chief Creative Officer and a minority owner of the channel which has now bought Fuse from the Madison Square Garden Company for $226 million. Well, well, well. Way to go, J. Lo!

Not only did Lopez's company end up with the channel, she also beat out her ex-boyfriend Sean "Puff Daddy or is it P. Diddy?" Combs. Combs' music video channel, Revolt, bid around $200 million according to reports. Lopez's triumph is awesome, because as I've always said, the best revenge is dating Ben Affleck, becoming super successful in your acting/singing/producing career, getting married twice, having twins, continuing to be super successful, dating a guy that's, like, 20 years younger than you, and then winning a bidding war to purchase a television channel. Yep, all of that. It's been a long time coming, but IN YO FACE, PUFFY DIDDLES!

In a statement about the acquistion, Lopez said,

Music is my first love so the acquisition of Fuse is near and dear to my heart. It's exciting that between NUVOtv and Fuse we'll have the ability to deliver a broad array of terrific content both from a Latino perspective and across multiple genres, including music, to a broader audience. The acquisition of Fuse means we now own two wonderful assets. It’s a phenomenal time for our company and we look forward to growing both networks in the years ahead.

NUVOtv, which is owned by SiTV, is an English-language channel with a focus on programming for a Latino audience. NUVOtv's deal with Fuse is expected to be finalized this summer.