Will There Be New Kylie Shop Merch Coming In The Future? Signs Point To Yes

Kylie Jenner's 2016 has been lit AF. From the incredible success she's had with her Kylie Cosmetics line to her latest venture in the Kylie Shop, she's done big things this year. It seems as though it's not slowing down in 2017. Kylie Jenner has new Kylie Shop merchandise coming for fans if her Snapchat is to be believed. If you follow the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, you know more is coming from that brand as well. Basically, 2017 is going to be just as insane as 2016 for Jenner, and it's just a matter of time until fans find out what everything is.

Jenner has always been great about teasing upcoming launches. Her Kylie Shop is actually a great example. Seemingly out of the blue, Jenner launched announcements for both her pop-up and her online store. The stores quickly generated a ton of buzz and teases of what would be offered both online and in the physical store began to roll out over the next few days. Now, it seems Jenner is adding to that arsenal of quickly selling products.

In a casual Snapchat post with assistant Victoria, the pair go through their day. In a particularly interesting section, Jenner explains that following lunch she planned to "have a little merch meeting about my next collection." Queue fans' freak outs.

While some may assume that means Jenner is working on makeup, earlier in the Snapchat story she mentions already attempting a meeting for you makeup line. That means new Kylie Shop merch is happening, and now, we all just have to wait a little bit.

The real question, though, is what could Jenner be planning? She's basically already covered apparel and accessories are pretty stocked as well. I've got some ideas, though.

1. New Photoshoot Tees

Jenner did several photoshoots for her line of tees and jackets. If I had to guess, she's got more coming with new shoots.

2. Keychains

Jenner already has keychains for Kylie Cosmetics. Why not introduce ones specific to Jenner herself?

3. Sweatpants

Jenner loves a good set of sweats so why not Kylie sweats? She's already got the hoodies to go with it.

4. More Co-Ords

How can Jenner only have one co-ord? She's co-ord queen.

5. Slides

But like how cool would Kylie slides be?

No matter what Jenner has in store, though, there's no doubt it'll be insanely popular. With most of the items on the Kylie Shop sold out at the moment thanks to a second restock, new merch will fly off the shelves. Now, all fans have to do is wait.