Who's Going To Die on 'The Originals'? Spoilers Mean Bad News For Your Favorite Characters

I'm just going to go ahead and ask the question we're all wondering — is your second favorite vampire series trying to sabotage itself? Between The Originals spoilers from Julie Plec revealing a huge body count by the end of the season and Claire Holt's abrupt departure from the series, it sure seems like they're doing everything they can to ruin a good thing. Sure, the series introduced a whole new group of characters into the mix (who could easily kick the bucket without being missed), but we're more worried about the characters the series can't afford to lose. And considering the track record of The Originals' parent series The Vampire Diaries, those characters are in the most danger.

If there's one thing The CW and Julie Plec love — it's killing off main characters. Five seasons later of The Vampire Diaries and we've learned that even if they have an elaborate storyline, no character is safe. And considering that The Originals killed off Davina early in the season (they ended up bringing her back, but it was still a HUGE kill), fans should know not to take anything for granted. Original vampire or not, if Plec wants to kill you for dramatic effect, she will — regardless of whether or not fans threaten to quit the series. (She's not Ryan Murphy and she DGAF.)

So, instead of taking Plec's comments and predicting who's likely to kick the bucket (personally, I hope it's all of the witches — especially Monique and Jackson, Hayley's alleged betrothed with the creepy voice), we're going to list the characters that ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be killed off.

The Mikaelson Bros.

Do we even need to explain this one? The show is called The Originals so there can't be a show if one of them gets killed. (Even though they're Original vampires and they can't be killed, but you get it.) They should be safe by default because the series is about them, after all — well, maybe not Elijah because he always seems to get daggered and stuffed in a box — but at least Klaus is definitely safe. This is his story. Honestly, it pains me to even have to make a case for them, but you already know that being important to the series ensures that there are HUGE targets on their backs.

Marcel Gerard

Again, OBVIOUSLY. Marcel and Klaus' love/hate relationship and their constant power struggle has been a huge component of the show's premiere season. That should probably make us worry about him the most — even though he's a main character, the action in New Orleans could easily go on without him. And he's always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong and getting himself into trouble — curiosity and arrogance killed the cat, or rather, the vampire.

Hayley Marshall

She's the Queen of the Werewolves now, bitches. And she's carrying the world's first hybrid baby/spawn. Hayley's turned into the Khaleesi of The Originals and her rise to power over her recently found family is interesting to watch. She's not going to let the men run things anymore in New Orleans and with Rebekah gone, she's one of the only strong female characters the show has left. Also, she just can't die before she has that damn baby.

Davina Claire

Davina already died once and we are not interested in another Jeremy Gilbert situation. You brought her back, Plec, and you're going to have to deal with that. We wouldn't be mad if she died (well, we kind of would), but we'd be more annoyed that we'd have to watch it happen a second time. And I guess she's a powerful witch and the only person to shut Monique up, so it can't hurt to keep her around. (Monique is just the worst — maybe Davina can kill Monique instead.)


He may not be a main character, but he quickly became Davina's BFF and is slowly climbing the ranks. And, he's the only recurring character that's become a fan favorite this season. Josh doesn't do much — Klaus compelled him to spy on Marcel in the beginning, then he struck up this friendship with Davina that really sweet, and now he's really just a nice and loyal guy. He'll probably end up being collateral damage somewhere down the line, but we'd fight for him to live.

Cami O'Connell

I'll admit, I almost didn't include Cami in this list because she's a human and she's not romantically involved with anyone anymore. And to be completely honest, she's gotten kind of annoying with all of her demands and it's boring how she's just been a pawn in so many plans. Her kind-of-odd, now-cursed uncle is going to die and she's going to inherit his church that doubled as a prison for Davina, so it'd make sense for her to stick around — but it's only a matter of time before the witches come for her too.

Your move, Julie Plec.

Images: The CW