10 Super-Sweet Galentine's Day Gifts, Because Everyone Knows Your Friends Are Your Real Soulmates

As soon as the new year hits, websites and stores explode with pink product displays and heart-patterned everything. So, you can't exactly blame anyone for the grand assumption that Feb. 14 is all about love, romance, and showering a significant other with gifts. But why not also celebrate your BFFs (aka your other partners in life) with a Galentine's Day gift the day before?

Feb. 13, or Galentine's Day, should become an official holiday because friends deserve our respect. Who but your besties are equally down for Sunday Funday and decoding that guy's texts? (No one, that's who.) Is a "work wife" any less essential than an IRL husband? (Absolutely not.)

So, while everyone's scrambling to make last-minute reservations, take a second and reflect on how much your squad means to you — and then get to shopping. A small gift speaks wonders, which is why we've partnered with Juicy Couture Fragrances to bring you the sweetest Galentine's Day gift ideas. This year, treat the bestie in your life to something special.

1. For Your Friend Who Just Dumped Her S.O.

Sugarfina Love Bites Bento Box, $26, Sugarfina

The best way to be there for your newly-single bestie is with a box of candy in hand. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but for the time being, she can snack on the kind made of sugar.

2. For Your Friend Who Loves Dry Shampoo

Hair Fragrance Mist Rose Fraîche, $20, Fekkai

Dry shampoo can do a lot of things (absorb oil and grime, give hair that second-day texture) but it doesn't always make your hair smell ah-ma-zing. That's where this rose-scented hair mist comes in.

3. For Your Friend Who Goes Above And Beyond

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucré, $96, Juicy Couture

Did your friend answer her phone at 3 a.m.? Did she bring you a cake when you were posted up in the hospital? Treat her to something special that she can enjoy on the daily, like a new fragrance. This one has sweet, rich notes of gardenia, peach, and almond cream.

4. For Your Friend Who's Always Out Of Town

Diptyque Rose Mundi Candle Travel-Size, $35, Nordstrom

How to make a hotel room feel even better than home: Light up a gorgeous candle, like this limited-edition number. She'll be relieved her hotel no longer smells like, well, a hotel.

5. For Your Friend Who Has Everything

Kate Spade Garden Drive Square Jewelry Box, $40, Kate Spade

Everyone has that friend who owns everything. It's universal. The genius of this cute, small box is that it works however she needs it to, whether that's as a jewelry box, a spot to stash her keys, or somewhere to store odds and ends.

6. For Your Friend Who Has Standing Appointments For Blowouts

DryBar Gift Card, $10 and up, DryBar

Unless your friend is Mr. Clean, there's no way to screw this one up.

7. For Your "Type A" Friend

Rifle Paper Co. Tapestry Stitched Notebook, $15 for three, Rifle Paper Co.

Technically, she could always use a phone app. But these IRL notebooks are so much better. Not only are they insanely pretty, but your friend can also access their contents without a charger.

8. For Your Best Yogi Friend

Jac and Lane sweatshirt, $45, Jac and Lane

Nothing is better for your friend who loves yoga as much as she does dog memes. (No shame if you buy an extra for yourself.)

9. For Your Friend With The Hectic Work Schedule

Syncing Positively 2017 Wall Calendar, $25, ModCloth

Even those of us who think that "thinking positive" is for suckers could appreciate this cute calendar, which is filled with encouraging messages like, "Keep on Truckin'" and "When In Doubt, Make Out." Your friend can hang it at work, where it'll really come in handy on late nights.

10. For Your Bestie Who's Also Your Roommate

Oh Joy! "Hey You" Framed Artwork, $25, Target

It's a win-win: Not only does your friend score awesome decor, but you incidentally brighten up your own place, too. (This isn't cheating, we swear — because once you or she moves out, it's all hers.)

This post is sponsored by Juicy Couture Fragrances.

Images: Bustle