'Jurassic World' Adds Judy Greer So Now We Know The Movie Is Going to Be Good

Are you ready for another exciting Jurassic World announcement? You might want to sit down. The fourth installment of the dino movie franchise just added Judy Greer, Katie McGrath, and Lauren Lapkus to the cast. Get it, ladies! If this news doesn’t get you raising the Jurassic roof, GET OUT OF MY FACE. Because you are wrong. You know (and adore) Greer thanks to those hilariously bizarre commercials, Arrested Development, Archer, and a slew of memorable movie roles. Where have you seen Lapkus and McGrath before? The hilarious and endearing Lapkus currently has a supporting role in Orange Is the New Black, and the lovely McGrath is on Dracula. All three are fab fab fab. Killin' it, Jurassic World.

Can I be frank? Heck, I’m going to go for it: I would happily watch Greer, Lapkus, McGrath, and fellow Jurassic Worlder Bryce Dallas Howard boil water for two hours. Or drive in circles for two hours. Or pick out floor tiles for two hours. All of 'em are just that delightful. But Jurassic World is not Property Brothers World. It is a movie about DINOSAURS. So it’s going to be those four women plus dinosaurs. Outstanding combo.

As Bustle’s own Alicia Lutes observed, this is a very funny cast. And that was before Greer and Lapkus were on board. Yeah, the dudes in the cast are awesome, but let us take a moment to acknowledge the Jurassic World ladies: OUT OF SIGHT. (Can you tell I'm excited about this movie? Because I am excited about this movie. I hope I've made that clear. That June 12, 2015 release date is so close, yet so far.)

Fun note: This is not Greer's first time working with dinosaurs. As Archer's Cheryl Tunt, she shared ice cream with a Velociraptor:

Image: popartinferno/tumblr