In 'Parenthood' First Look, Kristina Gets A Call To Visit An Old Friend — VIDEO

Parenthood will try its absolute best to make you cry this week. At least, that's judging by this first look clip from this week's episode of the beloved NBC series. And it's a big one: Thursday marks the penultimate Parenthood episode of the season. So would you expect anything but an hour that invites tears? And would we even want an hour that didn't invite tears?

The episode is called "I'm Still Here," so between that and the clip — which shows Kristina getting a call from her friend Gwen's sister, who tells her time is running out for Gwen — you can bet this episode will circle back to Kristina's cancer arc, particularly the part where she's surviving and thriving when other people have not been so lucky.

We've watched Kristina go through a lot these past two seasons: Her breast cancer no doubt took a toll, and she rebounded by running for mayor and entering into the process of starting a charter school. "I'm Still Here" is shaping up to be a reminder of the more fragile things in life. So, appropriately, cue the tears.

As for what's going on with the rest of the Bravermans, here's the episode synopsis:

Are you ready for the jump into the Parenthood Season 5 finale?

Image: NBC