Paul Rudd's 'Billy on the Street' Episode Will Make You Want to Have Sex With Him for $1 — VIDEO

Running around the streets of New York and shouting at people about pop culture is one of the many things I admire about Billy Eichner. Among his many gifts, like absolute Meryl Streep fandom and the ability to make Andy Cohen blush, he also makes everyone he encounters brutally honest. Whether it’s from a knee-jerk reaction to being yelled at or having a dollar thrown in their faces, Billy on the Streets’ contestants are as real as the host himself. And this week’s passers-by were asked the most grueling and self-defining question ever: “FOR A DOLLAR, WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH PAUL RUDD?” And what’s more...Paul Rudd (the ageless, human version of a Precious Moments figurine) himself was being paraded around by Eichner to the delight of all who were confronted.

Obviously there was a resounding “YES OF COURSE,” because, you know, it’s Paul Rudd. There were a handful of older women who cheekily responded, “I’ll do it for free!” Us too ladies, us too. Heck, Eichner even convinced a few straight men to admit they'd like to have sex with Rudd because he’s just that dang cute. And as Eichner concluded, the only reason anyone said no was probably because of Dinner for Schmucks.

Even though the contestants didn’t actually get to have sex with Rudd (he’s married with children, you monster!), some did get to sneak a hug. Color me jealous, New Yorkers.