Mindy Kaling Wants to Bring Back Make Out Sessions

Mindy Kaling is constantly saying things that make a lot of sense, like that backhanded compliments are the worst and that women should be able to work really hard and also enjoy talking about Michael Fassbender's hotness. So it's only natural that the self-professed romantic would also have an intelligent opinion on make out sessions, which she revealed on Chelsea Lately. "The problem with kissing, when you're older than 16, you can't kiss a guy for like two hours, which is like what I would want to do," Kaling confessed. "Because at a certain point, they're like, 'What is this leading to?' And I'm like, 'That's it!'"

We feel you Mindy, non-presumptuous guys were probably the best part about being 16. Sure, they all wanted to get into our pants, but they would also be okay with a two-hour make out session if they could get that. As long as a part of your body was touching the guy, he was good to go. Kaling continued on to say, "I could kiss a guy for 90 minutes and be like, 'That was great!'"

I often lament because I missed that window where boyfriends carry your books to class for you and jumped straight into the dating period where you have to have sex to form any kind of relationship. (Obviously you don't have to (look at the Duggars). I'm just saying in general, after a certain age, guys tend to expect that prolonged kissing leads to sex.)

So Mindy, let's start a campaign to bring back making out, yeah? That and, like, scrunchies because who doesn't love a good scrunchie?

Watch her full interview with Chelsea Handler below:

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