Add Glitz to Your Mani Game with LED Flashing Fingernails

For those of you who like your mani all sparkly and shiny, perhaps this new nail art invention will be your go-to when glitter just won't suffice. Japan's Takara Tomy Arts has created press-on nail stickers embedded with LEDs and tiny antennas that light up whenever the wireless NFC functionality of a smartphone is being used. (NFC = stuff like data exchange, aka just keep on smartphoning as usual.) They don't require batteries, capacitors, or any other power source to work — just your nail beds and a smartphone, which you pretty much never leave home without, right?

According to PSFK, each Lumi Deco Nail set comes with 16 press-on stickers. Only one of which is embedded with the LED light, however, the others compliment the high-tech sticker with matching, colorful designs. The set goes for about $12, which you know as a salon-goer is far less expensive than a regular manicure. And when you walk out of the salon, you don't usually light up.

Lumi Deco Nail users can also download an app on their Android phones, which will allow them to customize when their fingernails flash. Perhaps it would be the beat of their ringtones? Better yet, the beat of a song during a live performance. I mean, this kind of sounds like the perfect thing to have during festival season — instead of waving your lighter in the air, you could just wave your finger.