'Game of Thrones' Gets Kitten Makeover Because Duh

by Alicia Lutes

In our modern times, it is not being cast in bronze, written about in song, or even parodied in a satirical stage show revue that means you've made it: it's when you've been played by cats. Because the Internet, natch. Thankfully, the night is dark and full of terrors no longer, because HBO's Game of Thrones has a kitten parody, finally . Yes, kids: Game of Meows is a thing. And here you thought we were only getting goat parodies of GoT today.

I really shouldn't need to say anything more to you to get you to click play on this video. And we were friends and this was email or a gchat window, I wouldn't. But we're not friends and Bustle.com isn't my personal chatterbox so I've got to get at least another 75 words in on this video before I embed it and you can click it (or you can just ignore all of this and scroll down. Your choice!). Some of your favorites are felineified — from Joffrey in Westeros to Jon Snow on the Wall, and even Khaleesi (I suppose in this instance she's a Catleesi) in Meereen — all set to an almost/kinda/sorta soundtrack that's clearly just different enough from the original Game of Thrones theme song to not cause any sort of copyright infringement lawsuit. (It's no Game of Moans, though.) Still! We all know what they're playing at. So grab a lick of catnip and click on, kids. I didn't really need to convince you, we had you at "kittens," let's be real.

Image: The Pet Collective/YouTube