31 Signs You Put Your Health First

There are obvious giveaways that a person is super healthy — a great body, glowy skin, fawning admirers. But it's the habits more than the superficial signs that really tell you whether someone is living a healthy life or just looks the part. So, how do you know if you have your body's best interests at heart? Here are a few signs:

You actually leave your cell phone in the locker room while you work out.

If you can hold a voice or text conversation, you're not working hard enough.

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You'd rather reschedule happy hour drinks than your SoulCycle class.

Pounding three bottles of water in 45 minutes is one version of Happy Hour.

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You liked kale before it was cool.

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You regularly log six or more (even eight!) hours of sleep.

Curse those who interrupt your schedule!

You can name at least three super foods, and eat them regularly.

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You pick manageable goals that you can actually stick to.

Crash diets and cleanses? Psssh.

You schedule "me" time regularly.

Never underestimate the power of a bath!

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You can turn any activity into a workout.

You have more workout clothes than office clothes.

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You use your blender more often for healthy smoothies than margaritas.

You have the willpower to turn down cupcakes that just appear in your office.

Seriously, where do they all come from?

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You have sex on the reg.

It cures headaches, boosts your immune system, makes your period more regular, and helps you look younger! It's the miracle cure.

You drink a ton of water.

Despite a fear of having to use the bathroom in strange places.

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You can't work sitting down.

Bonus points if you have a treadmill desk.

You're totally ok with getting up before the sun rises to fit in a workout

Nay, you relish it.

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You never take the easy way out.

Preach, Mindy.

You indulge in a daily glass of red wine.

It's all for the heart!

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You understand the importance of cat videos.

Pets are proven stress busters, you know.

You know how to meditate.

And can handle sitting still to do it for at least five minutes a day.

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You'll happily drop $34 or more on a studio class.

You've been known to break out your yoga stretches at the office.

Sitting is hard on the hip flexors!

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You laugh. A lot.

Your favorite kind of bling is a race medal.

Image: the Running Brӓtt

You've considered going paleo.

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You don't beat yourself up when you skip a workout.

Everyone needs a rest day.

You actually use your vacation time.

Fifteen percent of Americans don't use any of the their vacation days. It's a travesty.

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You wear your Fuelband for the fitness benefits, not the fashion statement.

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You have a tried and true stress relief method.

And it doesn't involve tequila shots.

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You're fluent in fitness language.

You drop words like "WODs," "tapbacks," and "TRX" in regular conversations.

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You wear sunscreen even when you're off the beach

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Your instagram is full of healthy #eeeeeats.

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