'Lego Movie 2' Director Wants Sequel to Have More Women, Makes Everything More Awesome

Everything is awesome! The director of The Lego Movie 2 wants more women in the movie! This is a huge step for lady legos — and actual, human ladies — everywhere. Moreover, not only will there be more estrogen of the plastic Lego variety, but the Lego ladies who are featured will pass the Bechdel Test.

The director of The Lego Movie told The Daily Mail that he wasn't sure if the original film passed The Bechdel Test, which to him, was important (and hey, it's important to us, too). Other folks have also questioned if the movie passed the test, considering that Unikitty (voiced by Alison Brie) isn't exactly a human woman. She spoke to Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), but was that two women talking, or a woman and unicorn-slash-kitten talking? And while that's of critical importance, those were the only two prominently featured "women" characters in the movie. (We've got to high five McKay for wanting more ladies in Lego Land, by the way. So here's your Internet high five!)

But what exactly is The Bechdel Test? It's an idea —or "rule," as her cartoon "The Rule" called it — that Alicia Bechdel generated: In pop culture, a movie, book, or television show passes the test if two women are talking about something other than a guy. Because, you know, women care about shit other than the dudes who they're banging. What's more is that movies that pass the Bechdel Test actually fare better than those that do not. This could mean that The Lego Movie 2 could do even better than the box office dynamo of its predecessor.

So, everything will continue to be awesome, indeed.

And with that, I must leave you with:

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