Stephen Colbert Gets Promoted & Suey Park Gets Twitter Bullied

Well, this is just not very nice... and that's an understatement. People are using Stephen Colbert's recent crowning as successor to David Letterman as an opportunity to torment Suey Park and the #CancelColbert movement on Twitter. While I can't say I get behind the #CancelColbert movement — and I do think he fits the bill to inherit Letterman's seat — I can certainly attest to the fact that I do not get behind Twitter harassment.

Her #CancelColbert movement was rooted in her desire to put a ceasefire to racism, and Colbert, intelligently responded to it, and moreover, attempted to let the Internet know that Stephen Colbert and Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report are not one and the same. (Perhaps come 2015, when he takes over The Late Show , we'll hopefully get to see more of the Real Colbert as opposed to the persona he embodies right now.)

Park, however, is no stranger to virulent responses. She told Salon in an interview last week that she has gotten used to receiving terrible messages. And now, it seems, she's getting more. Colbert will now be #canceled, and moved to #LateShow, or #whatever, but there's no end in sight for the Twitter harassment.

What you're about to see is just unnecessary. People are essentially teasing Park, because Twitter has somehow become the playground for Internet bullies to run rampant. And even though most of these aren't particularly threatening, they're still some form of harassment and no one deserves his or her inbox to read like Carrie's would have if she had Twitter on the day she got her period.

Thankfully, someone knows what's up:

And just as people hopped on board to #CancelColbert, they're hopping on board here. While certain jokes — or movements — may be trendy or trending or whatever — wasting energy on excessive snarkiness isn't.