13 Fun and Festive Festival Accessories

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After weeks of well-planned style prep, hair tutorials, and trying to understand one questionable diet, Coachella has finally arrived. Over the next two weekends, Indio Valley will be flooded with festival goers eager to hear performers like Lana Del Ray, OutKast, and Muse take the stage.

But perhaps even more exciting than getting to hear some awesome live music or riding a ferris wheel amidst palm trees is the chance to sport some seriously daring fashions. If there's ever a time to spend an entire weekend in a cutoffs and a bikini while covered in body paint, it's at an indie music festival.

Of course, no matter how little clothing you choose to wear, it never hurts to accessorize. Here, 13 festival-friendly accessories that are sure to dazzle (almost) as much as the dance moves you'll be busting out this summer.

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