'Scandal' Finally Gives Us Something to Look Forward to With Literal Finale Bomb

It's not often one could call an episode of Scandal boring, but last night's installment perfectly fit the bill. To be fair, the lack of major action wasn't the fault of the episode, but a result of the fact that next week is the season finale, and we all know how insane that's going to be. Anywhere else in the season, last night's Scandal would've been exciting, but up against what's bound to be a crazy, chaotic, heart-stopping final episode, it felt a bit... slow.

Still, it being Scandal, lots of important things did happen last night. For one thing, Olivia's dad was in pretty bad shape by the episode's end, the result of being stabbed by his awesome — I mean, sociopathic — wife. Watching Olivia sob over her father's injured body would've been painful to watch if it wasn't for the fact that I was so distracted by Kerry Washington's nine-months-pregnant belly. Sorry, costume department, but those billowy white shirts aren't quite as concealing as you think they are.

But I digress. Eli Pope wasn't the only character to suffer Maya's wrath last night; earlier in the evening, the Worst Mom Ever indirectly caused the death of her ex-lover, Dominic, also known as the guy who provided Maya with the bomb she's planning on using to blow up Fitz. When Eli, having captured Dominic, threatens to shoot his wife's lover if she doesn't reveal the location of the bomb, Maya couldn't care less. A vengeful Eli, however, plays a fun game of Russian Roulette that didn't end in Dominic's favor.

Later, we find out that Maya was responsible for another death, the "heart attack" that killed Senator Hightower. It was all a plan by the terrorist to get Fitz at a funeral, where she had her people plant a bomb that, as next week's previews showed, might miss the president but will certainly reach at least some high-powered officials. Could Sally Langston be Maya's next victim? I'd hate to see her go, but it is ShondaLand. Anything, especially the things you don't want to happen, is possible.

And speaking of things we don't want to happen, Huck and Quinn. Alone, these characters are interesting and important, but together, they are disgusting and they make uncomfortable. Watching them have creepy car sex (presumably with lots of face-licks) might have been the most unsettling part of last night's episode, and that's saying a lot for a night that saw a man's blown-out brains decorating the windows of OPA.

Mostly, though, last night's episode was just set up for the finale, when absolutely anything could occur. Even the most unlikely things, like Fitz dying, are completely possible; after all, as we all know, Shonda Rhimes has no qualms about killing off beloved characters. The promo for next week, with funeral attendees running from the explosion, was a bit too Homeland-y for my taste, but it promised a can't-miss episode, even by Scandal standards. As the preview said, "watch it live Thursday or hate yourself Friday." Not exactly subtle, but then again, neither is Scandal — and that's exactly we love it so.

Image: ABC