Kate Middleton Sailing Inspires Your New Favorite Meme

The world's best-looking royal family is currently in the middle of a tour of Australia and New Zealand, spending 18 days gracing their subjects with the honor of staring at them in person, instead of on the cover of a magazine. Don't pretend like you don't know exactly who I'm talking about—it's obviously Prince William, Kate Middleton and the chubbiest-cheeked royal to ever live, Prince George. In Auckland Harbor, William and Kate raced yachts and because she is flawless, Kate won. She also made some amazing faces in the process, turning the one and only Kate Middleton into the perfect reaction meme.

Finally, a meme that can express your true feelings with style and grace. Wearing her appropriately nautical outfit of navy pants and a blue and white striped sweater, Kate took the wheel and lead her crew to victory. Of course it was all in good fun for the royal couple, who shared an adorable exchange after the race.

In fact, Kate looked a little apologetic over the victory. Maybe because she realizes that she already gets more attention than William as it is and beating him in a public race won't exactly help with that. That could certainly explain this apologetic pose-turned-meme, courtesy of Tumblr's royalmummyblog.

She's kind-of-but-not-really sorry about winning the race. What else is she #SorryNotSorry about on this tour? Let's see.


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Your husband doesn't hold umbrellas over your precious head?


Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Your hair isn't perfectly styled after spending over 30 hours on a plane with a baby?


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Oh, the future King tried to steal your toy?


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Do you not own the world's most coveted collection of coats, filled with every color, length, silhouette and fabric known to man?


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Is the closest you get to a wreath-laying ceremony struggling to hang some bent pine branches on your apartment's door a week before Christmas?


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Do strangers not line up in the streets just to give you gifts?


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Do candid photos of you not become memes as soon they hit the Internet?