Are These Two Still Over The Moon?

by Anam Syed

While they've never officially confirmed their relationship, we're betting co-starring Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield will be stealing some adoring glances at the MTV Movie Awards, when they introduce an exclusive clip for their movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2. While the couple was all goo-goo eyed on the red carpet at Spider-Man 2's London premiere, they've notoriously kept their relationship status a little closer to the vest. Their appearance on Ellen with third-wheeler and co-starJamie Foxx, turned into a friendly but slightly awkward game of celebrity gossip cat-and-mouse. Ellen DeGeneres kept fishing for some juicy confirmation of their relationship, grilling them on things like room-sharing, prepping for the perfect onscreen smooch, one night stands, and sexting. Though the pair are still shy about public disclosure, it's clear there's a little something-something going on. We're convinced Scary Spice isn't the only one Stone is gushing about these days.

Here we count down five reasons why the exceedingly charming on-and-off screen couple are absolutely made for each other and are totally dating — even if they won't officially admit it. This totally real and important case study is exceedingly necessary, given that latest research confirms Stone is a master of deception and international trickery.

They Stay Diplomatic When Asked About Other Co-stars

Like when DeGeneres asked Stone to dish who was a better kisser: Garfield or Gosling?

He Thinks She's Funny, (And Vice Versa)

They Have Impromptu Dance Parties

They're Constantly Exchanging Looks of Support (And Let's Be Honest, Something That Looks a Lot Like Love)

The Jig Is Up, Guys

Too late.

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