Want a Shark Named After You in 'Sharknado 2: The Second One'? Of Course You Do

In case you hadn’t already heard of the Syfy film, Sharknado — which is probably impossible, since it took social media by storm last summer — you’ll have the opportunity to watch Sharknado 2: The Second One soon and discover just what the magic is all about. (Disclaimer: We use the term "magic" here loosely.) But wait: That's not even the best part. Apparently, now, the movie’s producers are actually allowing fans the chance to produce an additional Sharknado 2 scene for a mere...well, $50,000. So pocket money, really.

So, if you want to reach into those day-old jeans laying on your floor and take out the $50,000 that you keep on you every night when you go to the bar (you're such a good tipper) this is the time to do it! The film’s team partnered with Indiegogo to create a scene that will only be in Sharknado 2: The Second One if we middle class millionaires fund it. And we really should, because apparently it will include more chainsaws. I was truly worried it wouldn’t.

David Latt, the producer of these fine films, explained how fans would be able to participate if they join the campaign:

“We’re going to allow you this intimate access into one of the most anticipated movies of 2014, Sharknado 2. And you will have a firsthand look at exclusive content that no one else can have such as video, behind the scenes, diaries, notes, photos, you name it.”

Not to mention, Latt also said there would be opportunities to receive swag like posters and DVDs (free stuff? Score!), and that you could even potentially have your scream featured in the movie, or you could be in the movie yourself. That is probably code for “You will be an extra who gets eaten by a shark.” But aside from chopping a shark in half with a chainsaw, what’s cooler than that?

However, there’s a catch. Of course. You don’t just get swag for donating a dollar.

If you visit the movie’s Indiegogo page, it notes that for $45 you can “Sponsor a Shark” and have a shark in the movie NAMED AFTER YOU (seriously), while for $65 you will receive a poster and screenplay. Yet if you’re a big spender, for $120 your scream will be recorded and used in the movie, which is obviously a bargain — and for $1,200 your name will appear in the credits.

However, if you’re a true Sharknado fanatic, for $25,000 you’ll get all the other rewards, an Associate Producer credit on the film and a VIP trip to attend the red carpet premiere and cast and crew party. Holla! Get that $25,000 out, y’all!

Okay, so it’s unlikely that any of us have that kind of money to throw around for a project based on shark tornados, but to have a walk-on role with a death scene OR a heroic scene? Taking that $5,000 from my piggy bank is somewhat tempting.

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Image: Syfy