Puff Daddy To Give Howard's Commencement Speech, But What Will He Say?

As college graduation speeches go, I recall mine being beyond boring. Aside from nodding off and trying to spot my parents in the audience, the only thing that stands out in my memory is my class speaker's terribly executed metaphor involving a dolphin and the meaning of life. Although I don't think Puff Daddy necessarily has a way with words, I'm confident that when Diddy delivers Howard University's commencement speech next month, he'll do a much better job of relaying an inspiring message to his audience.

With this announcement, I'm sure there are likely some upcoming graduates battling a bout of commencement speech envy. But Puff Daddy shares a special kinship with the upcoming Howard grads, as as he attended the school as a business administration major before he left to pursue a career in the music industry.

Perhaps Puffy can steer clear of defining life in terms of sea creatures and instead offer the graduates the edited version of how he managed to juggle college courses and become an integral part of the school's legendary party scene, all while preparing himself for what could be called the career of a lifetime. Although times are vastly different than his days at Howard, hopefully his speech will allow him to express the importance of innovation and how it has and continues to bolster his career to new heights.

To mention a few accolades, there's his recently founded music channel Revolt TV, preceded by a successful record label, clothing line and liquor. He's been a Forbes list regular since 1999. His public involvement in both of Pres. Obama's presidential campaigns sent his stock soaring even higher, not to mention that he also seems to be a very supportive father to his six children.

That said, his personal and professional experiences make him a prime candidate to deliver a college commencement speech. If he can pull it off successfully like his celebrity predecessors, the Howard graduates should walk away armed with everything they need to take the world by storm, Puff Daddy style.