'Wolf of Wall Street's Hilarious Honest Trailer

The Wolf of Wall Street gave us the honest look at stock broker Jordan Belfort's wrongdoings and now Screen Junkies is giving us the honest trailer look at The Wolf of Wall Street . Determined not to be outdone by the movie's 506 f-bombs, the honest trailer delivers 23 of their own which averages out to one every 5.75 seconds. (Unlike the movie, these are censored bleeps, though, because it's a YouTube video, not a Scorsese film.)

The trailer also points out that poor Oscar-less Leonardo DiCaprio has to sit and watch Matthew McConaughey of the "Dallas Oscar Stealers Club" beat his chest and hum in front of him. (Best part of the movie, okay? I'd give Matthew an Oscar just for that scene.) The rest of the trailer is devoted to pointing out all the people who have Oscars while DiCaprio still doesn't, (Cher, Catwoman, Katniss, etc). Poor guy can't catch a break. Good thing DiCaprio has that whole yachts and models thing going for him in real life, too.

There have been some pretty great Honest Trailers lately between the Catching Fire one and Frozen's super accurate one, and now The Wolf of Wall Street's trailer ranks right up there at the top of the list. I actually laughed out loud. Check it out below:

Image: Paramount Pictures