'Awkward's Season 4 Superteaser Teases A Coming Of Age For More Than Just Jenna

MTV's Awkward comes back tonight for its senior year, and there are a lot of questions already jam-packed into it: What's the show gonna do when college time comes around? What's the status of Jenna and Matty's on-again-off-again...thing, and do we even want it on-again? We pretty much know the show thinks Jenna's destined to be some kind of famous memoir-writer or essayist, but where are the rest of them headed? The new Awkward Season 4 superteaser only begins to answer these.

The characters of Awkward have come a long way since the bumbling balls of insecurity they all were in Season 1, but Season 4 finds Jenna and Matty back in a, well, awkward place of no strings attached sex that neither of them seems all that comfortable with. But while that story's definitely an ongoing concern — both characters deserve emotional resolution when it comes to how they've helped each other grow up — it's actually one of the least interesting things going on in this trailer. Other moments of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • College visits, which will definitely dredge up issues of both the future and the past.
  • The break-up of Tamara and Jake, and some subsequent Catfishing.
  • Matty and (gasp?!) Sadie in the same bed, presumably post-coital.
  • Matty seems to be on a wild-child streak, a potentially troubling development considering past mentions of his brother's stay in rehab.

Awkward has always been about more than just Jenna and her specific troubles in the love department — as we go into season four, and the exploration of what it means to be a senior in high school, it looks like we're going to be exploring more of the other characters than we maybe ever have before.

Image: MTV