'Frozen' Alternate Ending Shows Elsa Teaming up With 'X-Men' — We're Not Kidding

What would happen if Elsa's family loved her instead of casting her aside? The Frozen character would have joined the X-Men, obviously. The website "How it Should have Ended" reanimated the film and gave it a unique alternate ending. The clip starts with the family visiting the trolls after Elsa has accidentally injured her sister. It exposes how truly terrible parents they were as they cluelessly ask how proceed forward with Elsa. "So you're saying we should lock her up alone in a castle until she's safe to be around?" her dad asks. The troll looks understandably confused so Dad tries again. "So we should teach her to be scared of herself?" Then the mom jumps in to add, "So you're saying to teach her to bundle all her feelings up until she gets a freedom complex?"

"Oh my gosh, the answer is love!" the frustrated troll shouts. Then he decided to take matters into his own hands and show the family to Charles Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. Here Elsa is taught to embrace her powers, instead of feel ashamed of them. We know you've seen a hundred Frozen parodies at this point, but we recommend you watch at least one more. At the end of this bit Wolverine joins in on a rendition of "Let it Go," so you have that to look forward to. Check it out below:


Image: Disney