Justin Bieber’s Unbelievable Mexican Food Order Should Earn Him Your Respect

In February, a report came out that Justin Bieber had managed to spend nearly $250 on movie theater snacks. This news was shocking because... holy crap how do you spend that much on snacks?! But also because I thought everyone sneaked M&Ms and wine juice boxes into the theater by carrying their big purse. Now, it looks like Bieber is at it again with the big food tabs (...that he might be releasing himself in order to seem like a super chill stoner dude). Reportedly, Justin Bieber spent $240 on Mexican food on his way to Coachella on Sunday.

At the restaurant, Pinches Tacos, Bieber and his crew are said to have ordered a massive amount of food that somehow still cost less than what Bieber spent at the movie theater. TMZ lists the order as follows:

13 steak tacos9 chicken tostadas8 chicken tacos3 taco plates1 steak burrito1 chicken burrito4 orders of chips and salsa10 bottles of water9 Mexican sodas

This looks like a good amount of food for the money, but it's even better than it seems. The food only cost $185 and Bieber tipped $55. Well, $55 was tipped on Bieber's credit card and the food was picked up by someone else while Bieber waited in the car. But regardless, a $55 tip occurred.

This started as a story about how Bieber spends way too much on his stupid entourage's stupid food, but I've gotta say, this is turning into the most positive Bieber article I've ever written. Bieber got a fantastic deal on a shit ton of delicious-sounding Mexican food and he left a 30 percent tip. I previously would've expected Bieber to draw a penis on the "Tip Amount" line and sign the receipt "Bizzle," but apparently Bieber has his life together slightly more than I thought.

My apologies, Bieber. You have both skewed my opinion on your food ordering skills and made me crave chicken tacos for lunch.