How To Watch 'Scandal' Online & On Demand If Somehow You Miss It Live

Unless you've been trapped under a boulder for the last few weeks, you know that the Scandal season finale airs Thursday night on ABC. It's going to blow people away. Literally. We last left off with Olivia warning Cyrus that a bomb is ready to detonate at a prominent Senator's funeral where Sally Langston and Fitz's VP candidate Andrew have already arrived. Cyrus secretly stalls the President from attending, but does not lift a finger for Sally and Andrew. What. A. Jerk. In other news, Papa Pope was shot by Mama Pope and has been taken to the hospital (it doesn't look great); Huck and Quinn did the dirty and it was gross; and Adnan Salif is holding a gun to Harrison's head.

It seems absolutely impossible that anyone would miss what will happen tonight. But if for some strange reason you can't watch the finale on time, like if you have a life outside of television (not valid) or want to watch the Parenthood finale instead (valid), there are some ways you can catch up before show spoilers explode all over the Internet and your office tomorrow morning. But no matter what you do, DO NOT check Twitter. Seriously, everything will be ruined if you do.

Watch It On Demand

If you don't have DVR and can't watch the episode tonight sometime, you can always wait until the next morning to check it out on demand. Many different cable providers like Time Warner and Verizon Fios TV have ABC episodes streaming for free on their cable boxes. Simply press the Menu button on your remote and scroll your way to the On Demand TV section. Simple as that.

Watch It Online

The ABC website has full episode streaming capabilities. In order to watch episodes on the ABC website the morning after they air, you have to log in with your cable TV provider information. If not, you have to wait eight days. Let's be serious, there's no way you'll make it more than one day let alone eight. Another option is to use HuluPlus, provided you have a membership.

Buy The Episode

If you must, you can also buy episodes on your iTunes account or through Amazon Instant Video.

There are a million ways to watch this show, so you have no excuse not to already have elaborately thought out theories for next season when your co-workers ask for your opinions. So get to it.

Source: Ron Tom/ABC;