Will There Be a 'Scandal' Season 4? Believe It Or Not, Its Renewal Isn't a Done Deal

Why does this have to happen every year? Why must shows have season finales? Scandal is ending Thursday night and I'm annoyed. I can't remember what I did last time the show went off the air between seasons. Work, maybe? Surprisingly, ABC has yet to renew the show for Season 4. But fret not folks, it's only a matter of time before Shonda Rhimes and her team get the greenlight. Even though Scandal shed some viewers a few weeks ago, the most recent episode regained those viewers and managed to get back to its average viewership of nine to ten million. Plus, the show won many of the major honors at the NAACP awards and was given a Peabody. And I'm not even going to mention the show's Twitter following and very attached fans.

So while we wait on the inevitable Season 4 renewal, let's discuss what could potentially happen with Olivia Pope and the gang if certain theories for tonight's season finale come true. What is the future for Olivia and Fitz? Will Olivia finally give into her feelings for Jake? What happens to Mellie if Andrew dies? And Cyrus has to be punished for not doing anything about the bomb, right?

If Sally and Andrew Die

With Sally being killed in the bomb blast and Governor Reston being deemed anti-women, Fitz easily wins his re-election. He could either promote Cyrus to the VP spot or ask Senator Ramirez to take the job. Ramirez, if you recall, is the woman Fitz met with behind Olivia's back to take over for Andrew in "The Fluffer." Then (if it doesn't happen in the Season 3 finale) Fitz and Olivia will have to find out as soon as possible in Season 4 that Cyrus could have prevented the bomb from killing Sally and Andrew. Meanwhile, Mellie is devastated and can't bear to think that her lover has died. She finally gets the courage to tell Fitz that Jerry is not his son and explain what really happened. Fitz and Mellie get closer as a result, leading Olivia to be left out in the cold, dreaming of Vermont alone. Perhaps this would mean she could stay single and focus on her job rather than torrid affairs. Or maybe it means she gives Jake a chance even after he murdered James.

If Harrison Dies

If Adnan Salif kills Harrison and escapes with Mama Pope, OPA will have to mourn for a while. The gang will want revenge on both women. Seeing as Abby and Harrison were the closest in the group of gladiators, it's possible that Abby becomes obsessed with finding Adnan which causes a strain on her relationship with David Rosen.

If Papa Pope Dies

This gives Olivia another gigantic reason for wanting to bring down her mother. This could take over much of the first half of Season 4.

If Papa Pope Lives

He may want to rebuild B613 and take the reins. This could be the reason he wanted to help Olivia take the organization down in the first place. All for power. Hopefully Rhimes won't do a full retread of this storyline and cause Papa Pope to get drunk with power. If it does happen, we can expect that Jake Ballard/Papa Pope showdown that was teased a few weeks back. And he might be older, but Jake should know better than to underestimate Papa Pope. He's frightening.

If Huck and Quinn Get Together

It'll be gross. Did you see that sex scene? It was gross.

Images: ABC