Victoria Beckham Is 40 & Here's How Posh Spice Is Celebrating Her Big Day — PHOTOS

You might not believe it, but Victoria Beckham is 40 years old today. The woman looks stunning. Perhaps you imagined she'd be celebrating her birthday with lavish designer handbags, high heels, and fancy dinners, but guess what? She's all, "GTFO" and wants some peace and quiet with her family as many 40-year-old adults would want.

The former Spice Girl (er, she'll always be a Spice Girl in my heart!) spent the day tweeting pics of sweet, youthful stuff — we're talking an unspecified baby in a bath (is it her?), and adorable pics of her and her parents when was a kid. She also Instagrammed some kid-friendly, youthful video clips today, including an old-school Mickey Mouse video as well as a Snoopy clip. All of those short videos were followed with a pic of her glancing out over a gorgeous horizon, with the caption: "Good morning! Special day with my beautiful babies and wonderful husband, I love you all so much x vb."

But hold up for a second. Can you believe that this woman with a family, a husband, and an esteemed fashion career, is the Artist Formerly Known As Posh Spice? So much has happened to her in the past 15 years — the woman has a ton to celebrate. Perhaps her mom (sorry, mum) will even break out that Spice pizza to celebrate.

Check out the pics of the star as a kid below:

Thats Baby Posh Spice and her dad! Check out this one of her and her mum:

And here's what she Instagrammed:

So nope! No crazy Spice Girls reunion parties, no madness, just chilling with her family. Sounds like a pretty good (and dare I say it — normal?) fortieth birthday, don't you think? Happy birthday, Victoria.

Image: Instagram