4 Reasons Emma Stone & Jennifer Lawrence Are the Hollywood BFFship Waiting to Happen

Who are two of the most beloved females in Hollywood right now? Well, there are a lot of perfectly acceptable answers to that question, but Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are still pretty high up there. Lawrence has been racking up Oscars and winning the hearts of millions with her down-to-earth personality and appropriately inappropriate conversation topics and Stone is counting herself among that million. In fact, Emma Stone called Jennifer Lawrence an inspiration and has praised her for not bending to "fit any idea of what a woman should be in that kind of position". Those same words could very well describe Stone herself.

When you look at an actress like Emma Stone and an actress like Jennifer Lawrence, it seems like an absolute crime that the two of them have yet to appear in a movie together. Hearing that Stone was a super-fan of the Spice Girls has led to her meeting at least two of them, so why hasn't Hollywood capitalized on this golden opportunity to bring these two together for a movie yet? The bloopers reel alone would be epic.

In fact, it seems like an absolute crime that the two of them aren't at least friends. After all, according to Stone in a 2012 interview, it's thanks to Jennifer Lawrence that Stone decided to play Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Besides that, the two of them have so much in common.

1. They're Impossible to Typecast

Emma Stone is known for her role in comedy movies like Superbad, Zombieland, and Easy A, and it makes sense that she would do well in those sorts of movies because you only need to watch a single one of her interviews to know that she has endless amounts of comedic timing. However, The Help, Gangster Squad, and The Amazing Spider-Man have proved her well capable of being a dramatic actress as well. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence is mainly known for her dramatic films, from The Hunger Games to Silver Linings Playbook, but her entire personality is pure comedy. Both of them have more than proved that they can play anyone with their versatile acting talent, which increases the number of scripts they could end up sharing. Hint hint.

2. They're Both Dating Their Co-Stars

Although Andrew Garfield doesn't want to talk about Emma Stone, their relationship is getting just as much buzz as their movie, if not more. The two of them met while filming The Amazing Spider-Man and have been completely adorable, and notoriously private, ever since. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence met Nicholas Hoult while filming X-Men: First Class and the two of them started dating only to break up in early 2013. That only lasted six months before Lawrence and Hoult got back together, largely managing to fly under the radar despite being nowhere near as hesitant about public displays of affection as Stone and Garfield are. Stone might not want to talk to us about her personal relationships, but she and Lawrence could have amazing girl talk about it.

3. They're Amazing in Interviews

Hunger Times on YouTube

Watch any Emma Stone interview. Watch any Jennifer Lawrence interview. Before it's even over, you're already laughing at something hilarious the two have done and said, usually to the bemusement of their very put-upon co-stars. For a woman who jokingly warned the Internet not to let her become a gif, Stone's one-liners are probably have one of the highest gif counts that the Internet has to offer. Lawrence, however, may have her beat on that front, since everything she says and everything she does is usually made into a gif before the interview is even over.

4. They Make the Best Faces

I'm not saying they would take better selfies than the Kardashians, but I'm saying they would take better selfies than the Kardashians. What more reason do we need?

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