Why Michael Urie On 'The Good Wife' Is Giving You Visions of 'Mode' Magazine

This Sunday, CBS' most beloved legal drama is bringing out the big (guest star) guns. In addition to old favorite, Michael J. Fox's Louis Canning, The Good Wife is also bringing Michael Urie on board, and while you may not realize, he's a TV vet in his own right.

It's been a few weeks since The Good Wife gave us the biggest shock ever by killing off Josh Charles' wonderful Will Gardner. The shake-up caused a really interesting new direction for the show and a new series regular in the form of Matthew Goode's prosecutor Finn Polmar. While we all contemplate whether or not this new face could ever replace the giant Will-sized hole in our hearts, it's time to start trying to get on with our TV lives.

But when Urie shows up, you may wonder, "Who is that and why do I know his face?" As it turns out, Urie graced our televisions for years as the sarcastic, flamboyant and extremely endearing Mode magazine assistant-turned-creative director Marc St. James on ABC's Ugly Betty. On the comedy, Urie excelled as the rude yet somehow loving friend of America Ferrara's titular Betty Suarez and he soon became a fan favorite. After his four seasons on the show, it's almost impossible to think of Ugly Betty and not think of Urie's brilliant character and his great relationship with Becki Newton's Amanda Tanen.

But the ABC show is not Urie's only TV project. He also starred alongside David Krumholtz in Partners, the cute but short-lived CBS comedy. Urie starred as the gay half of a duo running an architecture firm. It was a sweet idea for a show with a lot of potential that was created by Will and Grace geniuses David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, and was loosely based on their own lives.

Hopefully Urie is only scheduled for one episode of The Good Wife, but here's hoping he will return. The only thing we know for sure about the role is the character's name: Stephen Dinovera. But considering Urie's talents, that's interesting enough to make us tune in on Sunday.

Source: Wordpress/Ifeelprettyunpretty