Michelle Obama Will Guest Star on 'Nashville' & We Hope There's Singing Involved

There's a reason that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are the presidential couple that people of every age know about. They're as much celebrities as they are political figures. Instead of just running the country, Obama has appeared on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis and frequently comments on, or reveals an interest in, everything from Kanye West to the Transformers. Michelle Obama has appeared on Parks and Recreation, iCarly, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, among other places. If they weren't usually playing themselves, they might hold some kind of record for launching a successful acting career after being sworn into office.

So it comes as no surprise that Michelle Obama will appear on Nashville, because, at this point, you're just as likely to see her or Obama on your favorite television show as you are to see them at a press conference. Michelle Obama will be joined by former American Idol Kellie Pickler and they'll both play themselves at a charity event held at Fort Campbell. The episode will be called "All or Nothing With Me" and will premiere on May 7.

There doesn't appear to be any indication that Michelle Obama will be called upon to break into song for the role of herself, but considering Nashville is a musical drama about country singers we hope they find a way to work that into the script. Why else would Kellie Pickler also be coming? Michelle Obama organized the "Women of Soul" concert in March 2014 and she released an anti-obesity rap album in 2013, so it's not like she doesn't have the music in her, too. Then again, considering the charity event is being held in reaction to Luke, played by Will Chase, getting injured Afghanistan, there might not be that much singing at all.

At the very least, we hope they make as much use of the First Lady as a character as they can possibly fit into their schedule. After all, the Obama family's stint in the White House might only last eight years, but cameos like this will keep them in the minds of the public forever.