'Pretty Little Liars': What Tricks Are Up A's Hoodie Sleeves Now?

Last week on Pretty Little Liars, Spoby hunted down clues in Ravenswood, Hanna avoided jail, Aria got slut-shamed by a tween, and Emily got hoodwinked by A. So, basically, what else is new, right?

This week, A is up to her old shenanigans, and, once again, she's using an automobile as the device for her evil plans. Instead of running people down while they are in the middle of the road (as A — and, actually, everyone on the show — has done a million times over), A is now attempting to mow down people right in the middle of their living rooms. (Hello! Bad murder etiquette!)

But perhaps the most exciting part about the preview for this week's PLL is the new crime-fighting team that is Caleb and Toby. I'm so happy that the writers made Toby a double-agent rather than a super-evil member of the A-Team. After all, when a former A-Teamer works with the hacker Caleb to take down the New A, you know things are going to get done. Not that our girls don't know what they're doing (read: Spencer alone knows what she is doing), but it's nice to get the guys in on the action.

Things that I am looking forward to this week are seeing whether orange really is the new black, whether Spencer will find a new dream school to attend, and whether Emily's shoulder will ever heal in time for her to swim at Stanford. I could not be more excited. Oh, wait, except for that shoulder-healing thing, because that's almost as boring of a storyline as anything Ezria related.