'Game of Thrones,' Dragon Fans, & Cat Lovers Are Going to Love This News

Dragons are really having a moment right now — between being Daenerys Targaryen's badass allies on Game of Thrones and the upcoming How To Train Your Dragon 2 release the fire-breathing reptiles are on trend. So I know you've wondered at least once what it'd be like to have a pet dragon — don't worry, we're not judging you. I know, I know, dragon's can't be tamed — we get it, Ser Jorah Mormont. But still, it would be really cool — and apparently, you're closer to owning one than you think. Jay Baruchel and Dean Dublois opened up to Hypable about the real-life pet that inspired HTTYD 's dragons and how they'd treat one IRL — get ready to rejoice, cat-lovers.

On Wednesday, Hypable published an interview with HTTYD 2's star and director where they asked the question I'd been attempting to answer since Daenerys Targaryen's dragons hatched on Game of Thrones — "If you had a dragon in real life, would you treat it like a dog, cat, or…Where do these dragons relate to real-life pets?" (Clearly I'm extremely invested in my desire to have a pet dragon and unashamed to say so.) To which Baruchel replied:

YES! And Dublois replied:

Okay, not as rewarding. (Dogs are cute, but obviously I'm #TeamCats.) But really, is there anything better and more perfect than finding that YouTube cat videos inspire dragon animation? No — there is nothing better than that revelation. But anyway, if dragons are actually just larger, reptilian cats, here's how you should treat your new pet dragon-cat:

Let It Release Its Ferocity

Daenerys learned the hard way during the Season 4 premiere that dragons aren't tame — well, neither are cats, really. So if your cat-dragon wants to shred three-weeks' worth of toilet paper, you'll be able to stop it.

Don't Interrupt Naptime

Just don't do it. Ever.

Buy A Lazer Pointer

Yay, shiny things.

Let It Come To You

If your dragon-cat wants attention, it'll let you know.

Food Is Everything

Again, Daenerys learned the hard way that getting between a cat-dragon and potential food is a HUGE mistake. So, stock up on raw meat and fish.

Congratulations, cat-owners — you're one step closer to being the Mother of Dragons.

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