Beyonce and Boots's "Dreams" Has All The Makings of a Summer Slow Jam Hit

Tuesday afternoon, I saw the following headline on Consequence of Sound: "Beyoncé and Boots Team Up On New Song 'Dreams.'" I read the headline again. And again. Because it didn't seem real. A NEW BEY AND BOOTS SONG?!?!?! I closed my eyes. This seems to good to be true, I thought. Is this all a dream? I opened my eyes. I kept reading. I clicked "play" on the song. It was not a dream. "Dreams" was not—and is not—a dream.

Boots’s “Dreams” feat. Beyoncé is all things chill, vibey, and nice. Even if Queen Bey hadn’t graced the track with her vocals, I’d genuinely dig it. But Queen Bey does sing on it, and she absolutely slays. So, yeah, I'd definitely call it a freakum dress of a song.

Boots (real name: Jordy Asher) co-produced and co-wrote a bunch of songs on BEYONCÉ, including the wonderfully creepy-craymazing "Haunted." No, "Dreams" isn't spooky like "Haunted." (That song would be called "Nightmares," not "Dreams," amirite?) The mood of "Dreams" falls somewhere between "Haunted" and "Heaven" (which just so happens to be another spectacular Boots track). It's a hot slow jam, and it burns like a slow jam should.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out the ***flawess song for yourself: