6 Reasons Amanda Seyfried & Justin Long Are One of the Best Couples in Hollywood

Don't you love it when a celebrity couple you're rooting for makes a public appearance? Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long caught the eyes of everyone on the red carpet at the opening night of Hedwig and The Angry Inch: Seyfried went to cheer on her co-star in A Million Ways To Die In The West , Neil Patrick Harris, and Long is a theatrical veteran. Anyway, this is without a doubt one of the greatest Hollywood couples on the celebrity dating scene right now, and I just love them. Here's why:

She Doesn't Wanna Talk About It

One of the hallmark signs of a successful Hollywood relationship is keeping things on the DL. After all, it demonstrates respect, and it lets the relationship stay between the two people in it. Seyfried said to W magazine that she wants to keep things private because: "It may be that I'm older, and it may be that social media is everywhere now" ... or it may be that she really likes the guy!

They're Both Total Thespians

The two are both super into their craft, which obviously fosters a foundation of mutual respect. But this is about more than their cinematic craftsmanship; the two are really into the theater. (Hey, they appeared on the red carpet together at a Broadway show.) Long is no stranger to the stage. He made his Broadway debut in Theresa Rebeck's play, Seminar, in 2012, and this summer, he'll star in Willamstown Theatre Festival's production of Living on Love . Seyfried put her vocal and acting chops to the test in 2012's film adaptation of the epic musical, Les Miserables. The two both obviously prioritize their career, and they push themselves, and likely, they help each other, as well. (Although, maybe Seyfried should have stayed away from Lovelace , but hey — it's what she wanted to do at the time! The girl takes artistic risks!)

They're Not Tabloid Mainstays

When a couple that we're rooting for isn't dressing the tabloid's headlines on a day-to-day basis, it's easy to infer that they spend their time with each other (privately) and working on their careers. These guys are free to just exist, ya know?

Friends Say They Share The Same Sense Of Humor

One of their friends has said that they share a sense of humor (they probably were both cracking up in the audience of Hedwig), which is obviously a major plus in any relationship. Besides, they're both super funny! Remember how Seyfried got her start as the always-informative Karen Smith in Mean Girls ... 10 years ago?!


They Both Started Out As Working Actors

Seyfried only rose to total ubiquity a couple of years ago, despite her presence in Mean Girls, and remember Long from this commercial?

Look At Them. Seriously.

They are an absolutely adorable couple. They're both super talented. They seem normal and not stricken with drama. When you hear "Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried are dating," don't you just become happy for them? This is definitely a Hollywood couple to root for.

Image: Karen Smith GIF