Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has Sex With Clown in 'GQ' Spread & No One Knows What To Make Of It

A clown walks into a bar and has sex with an actress. No, wait. That's not funny — but cracking a joke seems appropriate because absolutely nobody knows what to make of Julia Louis-Dreyfus's GQ photo spread, in which she's having sex with a clown. And never-mind trying to "pretend it never happened," because once you see this, you will remember it.

But — what are we supposed to make of this pretty disturbing image? Should we be angry? Should we feel sad for all of the people who have clown phobias? Should we be concerned? Or should we recognize that clowns apparently turn some people on, and who are we to judge people for their fetishes? Didn't Fifty Shades of Grey open up our minds? Fifty Shades of Clown? OH GOD NO, please.

ANYWAY. This was a part of GQ's comedy issue, and I get — Dreyfus is effing hilarious on Veep , and clowns are funny... ish.

Oh, and the spread tells a story. Dreyfus flirts with a clown. Dreyfus has sex with a clown. Dreyfus looks concerned and kinda pregnant. And at the end of the spread, the clown, Dreyfus, and a clown baby are a happy family. Maybe this is all just a silent advertisement for birth control. Or perhaps this is a metaphor for birthing comedy. Or — who am I kidding — it's just some good old fashioned clown boning.


And here's a bigger pic:

Yep. That happened. You'll be okay tomorrow, I promise.