Ariana Grande's "Problem" Has 6 Definitive Markings of a Smash Hit — VIDEOS

In a few days, Ariana Grande's new song “Problem” will finally be in my ears. FINALLY. Grande has leaked clips of her soon-to-be-released single featuring Iggy Azalea, and my god. If the clips aren’t phenomenal. My body is READY. The song won’t be on iTunes until next week, but Grande is going to unveil it at the Radio Disney Music Awards this weekend. Welp, you can bet your tush I'm going to be lurking around the Internet until a video of that performance is made available. I’m always amped to hear and watch the bonkers-talented Grande sing live, so a live performance of a brand new song is a double whammy of awesomeness. And it's not just any brand new song, but a brand new song that I think could very well be Grande's biggest hit yet (which is saying something, because I am still obsessed with "The Way").

I realize this is a serious claim from someone who has not heard the song in its entirety. You could argue that I'm putting the cart before the egg horse hatches. You could also argue that I'd say that about any Grande song because I'm an Arianator who loves everything she does unconditionally. Both valid points. I will not discount them entirely.

But come on. This song has so much working in its favor. It would be absolutely shocking if it didn't take over everything. Why? I'll tell you why! Here are six reasons I believe "Problem" has the potential to be a slam dunk of a hit:

The Snippets Are Catchy

Based on the clips made available on Instagram, the song seems to be catchy as hell and downright amazing. Catchy and amazing huh? Wow, if those don't sound like the trappings of a hit, I don't know what does.

Are you ready? Buckle up:

AUGHHHHHHHHHHH. But wait, there's more:


And by "bacon," Finn and Jake mean "'Problems' by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea."

Ariana Grande is So Hot Right Now

Grande was a big deal Nickelodeon star when her first album dropped. Her album did very well. But now, the AMA New Artist of the Year winner is a big deal Nickelodeon star and a big deal pop star.

That being said, her fan base is HUGE. Oo, that audience crossover one-two punch maaaagic! I have a feeling "Problem" won't have a problem (sorry) crushing the charts.

Iggy Azalea is So Hot Right Now

New Classic , Iggy Azalea's debut album, is quite fun. Shit, what am I being so polite? It's an absolute goddamned blast. People be buzzin' about Azalea.

As if Grande wasn't enough of a draw, Azalea adds to the draw factor. (Hey, Simon Cowell? If you ever want to create an art competition show, you totes can call it The Draw Factor. You're welcome.)

Ariana Grande’s Voice Is a Force

Yes, she's gorgeous. Yes, she has great comedic chops (I'm serious. Go watch Sam & Cat, and then get back to me). Yes, she seems like a very delightful person. And on top of all of that, Grande happens to have one of the strongest voices in the game. Some people are another level, ya know?

What do you get when you combine what sounds like a catchy as hell song with a phenomenal set o' pipes? I'm going to predict nothing short of perfection.

The Pairing is Outstanding

I love, love, love that these two women worked together. To quote Bustle's Alex Kritselis: "the charts are an absolute sausage fest right now and it has got to change." Grande and Azalea are bringing the girl power, and I cannot get enough.

Moreover, the duo is so talented, and it seems too excellent a collabo to be real. Sometimes, when two incredibly talented artists collaborate on a track, it doesn't gel right. But I bet this particular collabo gel will gel RIGHT. I feel it in my gut. It's important to listen to your instincts.

Also? This:

It's a Breakup Anthem

And who doesn't love a breakup anthem? One of my biggest takeaways from the lyric video previews? I can't wait to scream-sing this song in my car. I'm sure I'm not the only one. People are going to eat this UP.

Man oh man. This song is going to be great. How am I feeling right now? Got my head in the clouds/Can't wait to hear "Problems"!

Image: funnynelsons/tumblr