Ariana Grande's New Single Is Going to Save Us From Pop Music's Boring Sausage Fest — VIDEO

Newcomer Ariana Grande is about to release the lead single from her upcoming second studio album, and apparently it’s going to be INSANE. Grande premiered her new single at a dance class in New York City on Friday night (those lucky ducks!), and when the music dropped, the room went WILD. She posted a video of the class going nuts to the track on her Instagram account. No, there’s no need to adjust your speakers— the video just doesn’t have any audio. Unfortunately, Grande isn’t allowed to share a clip of the song with us just yet, but she couldn’t resist teasing anyway.

Though Grande’s debut album, Yours Truly, was characterized primarily by contemporary R&B, the follow-up seems like it went in a decidedly more pop direction. For her new album, which is reportedly finished, Grande spent time in the studio with OneRepublic front man Ryan Tedder, Katy Perry hit-maker Benny Blanco, and the maestro of modern pop music, legend Max Martin. I can’t wait to hear what they cooked up.

Okay, somebody has to say it: the charts are an absolute sausage fest right now and it has got to change. Between Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Avicii, Aloe Blacc, Bastille, Jason Derulo, and John Legend, I am losing my damn mind over here. Thank God for “Dark Horse” and “Let It Go” — they have given me so much strength in these dark, uncertain times.

I need a pop diva to sweep me off my feet! It’s finally starting to feel like spring outside and I should be dancing in the streets to an explosive bubblegum pop anthem like Taylor Swift’s “22,” not shaking and crying in my car every time that dumb American Authors song comes on the radio! We deserve better than this.

I realize that I’m biased. I do enjoy a lot of the songs by male artists that are popular right now, but you’ve got to admit, the scene is in desperate need of a jolt of femininity. Let's make things a little more interesting and a little more equitable, please. Thankfully, I think Queen Ari could be the one to save us.

Check out Grande’s epic (but silent) dance party below. No word yet on release dates for the new single or the new album, but you know I’ll keep you posted.