'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Finally Addresses Sexual Abuse Claims


A week after Michael F. Egan III brought a civil suit against X-Men: Days of Future Past director for alleged sexual abuse, Bryan Singer has finally broken his silence and released a statement. Speaking via press release, the director asserted that the claims brought against him are "outrageous, vicious and completely false" while also bowing out of the upcoming press and media events associated with the film.

The suit asserts that Singer, alongside three other Hollywood bigwigs Egan's lawyer has filed lawsuits against — television executive Garth Ancier, former Disney TV president David Neuman, and Broadway producer Gary Goddard — sexually assaulted Egan on numerous occasions in California and Hawaii for two years. At the time, Egan was 15 when the alleged conduct began, which includes rape, forced drug and alcohol use, and several other extremely graphic scenarios.

Egan's lawyer asserts that he has eyewitnesses to Singer's presence at 1999 sex parties in Hawaii, even though Singer's lawyer Marty Singer claims there are documents that prove Singer was not in Hawaii at the time. Recently, Disney star Matthew Smith came out in defense of Singer. So don't expect this story to go away anytime soon.