'Parks and Rec' Video Leaves Us with SO Many Qs!

So, everybody's well aware, at this point, that the season six finale of Parks and Recreation is going to be totally nutters, right? I mean, after all the nuttery that happened in the past two episodes — particularly with Leslie and Ben finding out they're going to be parents to triplets — it seems as though the NBC comedy darling is about to change the game for themselves heading into their seventh season. Which, honestly, makes a lot of sense. This new video of the cast hinting at spoilers only convinces us doubly of that fact.

Considering how long Leslie's been mired in small town politics with her ambition growing bigger at every minute, now feels like the perfect time to do what those in the TV biz call "burn it all down and start all over again." It happens all the time when a series' idea has run its natural course and is in need of a bit of a fresh start. And with Leslie's options running the gamut — from Chicago to Pawnee — now would be the time to do it. But that, of course, leaves a lot of questions for fans desperate for the only-a-few-hours-away finale, set to air tonight (Thursday!) at 8PM for an hour. In what should've brought us a bit more insight into the episode, the cast managed to leave us with even MORE questions with their few cryptic teasers of what's to come. We've compiled a list — to make it easy for the actors, who are totally undoubtedly reading this right now and will surely head to Twitter momentarily to take time out of their busy schedules and personally answer them all for me — of our biggest quandaries, below.

  • What's in that "spicy combination"?
  • Is it Chris Pratt or Andy Dwyer that doesn't know what cryptic means?
  • OMG what has never happened on sitcom television before?!
  • And by "added to Pawnee" do you mean they're staying forever, Retta?
  • Also: WHO ARE THEY?
  • Wouldn't Leslie Knope make the most charming and neurotic vampire ever?
  • But seriously, tell us about all the cameos.
  • Ugh, the last 3 minutes are going to kill us, aren't they?
  • Over/under on Aubrey Plaza just fucking with us by saying there's a "horror" element?
  • We know Nick Offerman is kidding but wouldn't it be hilarious to see Ben Wyatt on peyote after that blueberry wine incident?
  • How "insane" is the insane that we're talking about here, Chris?
  • This is totally going to change everything heading into season seven, isn't it?
  • Did they know that "new," "different," "exciting," and "fun" are our favorite words when it comes to television or was that just a coincidence??!

Oh god oh god I'm so ready for the finale Parks and Recreation, oh god.

Image: NBC