Seth Meyers Will Host the Emmys This Year & No One Is Surprised

Seth Meyers has only been hosting Late Night for about three months and he's about to add another timeless program to his resume. Meyers has been chosen to host the Emmys this August on NBC, carrying on the grand tradition of the award show being hosted by the biggest names on the channels broadcasting it. Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Emmys when it was broadcast on CBS, Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Emmys when it was broadcast on ABC, and Jane Lynch hosted the Emmys when it was broadcast on Fox. The last time the Emmys were shown on NBC was in 2010 and Jimmy Fallon was the host. Ironically, Fallon was also hosting Late Night at the time, which could be a new tradition in and of itself.

But it's more than just tradition that makes Meyers the perfect choice for the 2014 Emmy host. When he made the transition in February from Saturday Night Live to Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meyers brought a 63 percent raise in the show's average ratings. On Thursday, he was named by TIME Magazine as one of their 100 Most Influential People in the World and he's received nothing but praise from his former SNL cast mates and from the NBC executives.

"Seth’s expertise and ease in front of a live audience during his time at SNL, as well as his comedic brilliance both as a writer and in front of the camera on SNL and Late Night, makes him the perfect choice to host the Emmys,” said Paul Telegdy, the President of Alternative and Late Night Programming at NBC Entertainment.

In the time since he's taken over Late Night, and even during his stint on Saturday Night Live, Meyers was known for taking a familiar formula and putting his own hilarious spins on it to turn it into something new. He's the man who managed to get a good interview out of Kanye West that didn't just dissolve into an impromptu monologue about how great West of West's music is. He's the man who can turn an already hilarious deposition video from Justin Bieber into comedy gold. He's the man who can bring us all to tears with a heartfelt goodbye to David Letterman. He's been the face of SNL's Weekend Update sketch since he took over in 2006 straight up to when he left in 2014. Be honest. He's still the first person you think of when you think of the sketch.

Meyers is a writing and hosting veteran who truly knows how to connect with an audience and the Emmys will be safe in his hands. Anyone who doubts it just needs to watch this. Because, I mean, really?