And Now, Here Are The 'Frozen' Characters Dancing To 'Thriller' — VIDEO

I know, you have Frozen parody fatigue! But wait! One more! And I promise, it doesn't have "Let It Go" in it at all, so you won't have to worry about having that song in your head all day. This one's totally different: it's because...well, why not?

Frozen has grown to such heights of ubiquity since its November release. "Let It Go" has become anthemic for both angsty teen girls and well-adjusted adult women (like myself), thanks to its triumphant chorus and Idina Menzel's powerhouse voice. , on account of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez's tuneful score. The movie, too, ranks alongside the masterpieces from Disney's golden years.

But, popularity comes with a price: the film's success also fostered a number of parodies (and a series of vocal misfires — let's face it: not everybody has Idina Menzel's vocal prowess). These parodies have ranged from to ("Jon Snow never bothered me anyway!"). We've seen ("okay, bye."). , too. Some folks have Frozen fatigue, but chill yourself (LOL GET IT) because this video is just...well, worth watching.

It's Elsa, Anna, Hans, and Kristoff dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." And, oh yeah, Elsa stands front and center as Jackson himself.

You can (and should) :

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